Why I’ve created this program


Having been around the IM world now for a number of years, I have seen many MANY people give up before they ever really got started.

I believe there is something like a 97% failure rate.

(I personally think that even this figure might be a little optimistic)


Now the first thing I would say is that ‘success’ is a personal thing.

For some of us it is being able to bring in a nice additional income to supplement our salary.

For others it is earning enough to walk away from their job (you may be surprised how small the amount required to achieve this)

Or success might be the ability to afford flashy cars and first class travel.


None of these objectives is right or wrong.

The point of being your own boss is that YOU make the rules, you decide how much you work, how much you want to earn, etc.

So the training I will be providing is the mechanism to underpin your efforts…

…The foundations that can create whatever level of success is right to you.

So from this point forward I want you to not look externally to measure your success, I want you to look internally.

It doesn’t matter what other people want, it is what YOU want that is important.

In fact this is really what "Owning Your Success" is all about for me. It's up to you to make this work. We'll provide you everything we can to help you be successful, but in the end, but you're going to need to put in the effort. 



The Reasons for Failure

Now we have that out in the open, what are the reasons people don’t succeed online?

Well of course I have not spoken to everybody that has failed, but from what I do know, I believe there are five main culprits.

In no particular order, those reasons are:


Lack of time

People often see online marketing as their escape route out of employment.

A way to get out of the drudgery, the general crap, the uncertainty of working for someone else and exchanging your time for money.

Of course the big elephant in the room here is that if you are working full time, you have very little time to be able to invest in yourself.

Yes, you can miss out the odd soap episode, or get up early, or go to bed later, or any of the other things that the time management books tell you.  

However let’s face it, most of us are only human and need SOME down time.  

Some time to be able to switch off and just chill out.


Lack of money

Another reason that both gets people into online marketing, but is also causes many people to fail, is a lack of funds.

There was always the irony that those who had money found it much easier to get a loan, while those who NEEDED more cash found it difficult to get approved.

…And the same could be said about success in IM (although having cash is by no means a GUARANTEE of succeeding online).

When you can afford, tools, resources, training and traffic it is obviously going to give you a head start.


Lack of knowledge/skills

Whether rich or poor, if you don’t know how to do the things you need to do, you are sunk from the start.

This is the same online or offline.

It is especially true if you only have yourself to rely on.

Of course there is training available, but this usually takes time and cash…

and I refer you to the previous two reasons for failure to see why this isn’t ideal.


Lack of a strategy

Then there is the issue of not knowing what to do when.

Floundering around throwing lots of mud at the wall hoping some of it will stick.

Unless you are EXTREMELY lucky, this scatter gun approach, jumping from one method to another just leads to frustration and demotivation.


This of course leads people into believing that THEY can’t do this IM thing and so they turn their back on the whole thing.


Lack of support

For all the benefits, being your own boss can be a very lonely place.

No one to blame, no one to turn to when things aren’t going as well as you would like.

Even if you have a partner, very often they just don’t understand what you are trying to do.

And even worse they can actively try to stop you from building your online marketing income.

They think it is some scam or cult and try to ‘save’ you from it.

Combine this lack of support (or even active resistance) from those closest to us with a lack of success and you have a recipe for failure.


I pretty much guarantee you are experiencing one or more of these challenges already.

You might even be on the verge of quitting because of one or more of the challenges.

What I will tell you though is that this Team training we will be providing has been designed to specifically counter EACH of the main causes of failure online.

Each lesson will give you the skills you need to follow the strategy we will be revealing to you.

Each of the lessons have been written so that it will take around 30 minutes to complete the task (60 minutes max)

In other words you will only have to find 30 minutes a day to succeed with this training and have your online business up and running earning you an income.

Not only will you get stuff done without even noticing, it will also create a success habit that will stay with you well after the training has finished.

Even the busiest of people will be able to find 30 – 60 minutes in their day.



I’ll be brutally honest with you here, and say if you can’t find just 30 minutes a day; do you REALLY want to succeed online?

No one is judging you, but it is important you are truthful with yourself. 


We will be recommending some tools, programs and other resources throughout the training, many will be FREE, some will not be.

Let me stress though, I’m a great believer in NOT spending your cash for the sake of it.


Any investment we recommend you make an investment in ticks AT LEAST 2 out of the three below:

  • It is needed
  • It will help your results
  • We absolutely use the program ourselves in our business


 The Support of Others


As I have said, online marketing can be a lonely place, so everybody that signs up for this Team Training will also have the ability to join our Team Group on WowApp. 

This will be a place where you can ask questions, get feedback, advertise your achievements or whatever else will help you complete the training and achieve success.

Of course I will be there, but more importantly, you will also be able to interact with others that are in the same boat as you.

So as you can see I have provided answers to all the main issues that stop people succeeding.

I wanted to make sure that if you signed up for the OYSP Team Training you have the very best chance of emerging at the other end with everything in place to create YOUR version of success online.


You will find the remaining lessons are much shorter than this introduction, but I wanted to make sure you understood fully what this challenge was all about and what my objectives were when setting it up.


So your task today is:

  • Review how your time is taken every day and work out when you will be able to spare 30-60 minutes during your day.

    Although it is not essential, it is good to do the tasks at a certain time in your day and turn the effort into something you do out of habit.