About Me

Hi there and welcome…

I’m Bryan Naylor, a full-time dad to four (4) incredible kids, self-professed hockey nut (Toronto Maple Leafs fan) and student of internet marketing.

The little guy on my left… He’s my “WHY“.

We all need to understand WHY we’re undertaking this journey.

Your why, is that one single intrinsic thing that motivates you, keeps you moving forward one step at a time every day.

He’s had some challenges in his incredibly young life and it’s for him and his siblings, I’m doing this.

It’s just that simple for me…

In my professional life over the years, I have come to the realization that to become successful in anything, you must follow a set process or system. To me, internet marketing is no different.

There are actionable systematic processes and strategies that you can work through to become successful in internet marketing.

My goal or “mission” if you will is to pull all of the pieces together into an actionable, step-by-step process, which I can then share with others. This systematic approach will definitely be of value to those who are new to Internet Marketing.

I’m not a “guru“, nor do I ever wish to become one. Everything that I will be passing through my various sites, is “freely” available, if you know where to look. I will be sharing my experiences and if it helps you along the way, then I’ve done my job.

Earning any type of income online is not easy.

There is just way too much crap and BS out there, published by self-proclaimed “gurus“. If you care to take the time to read anything I’ve written along the way, you’ll find I just don’t believe in “push-button”, “super-secret” formulas, discovered by some super hacker to write a new “super algorithm” for making money. They just don’t exist

At all times, I want you to take what I write and see if it passes what I love to call, the “smell test“.

I think most people know intuitively if something “smells fishy” or not. My experience has been, if it sounds too good to be true… It likely isn’t.

So please, take everything I say with a grain of salt and subject it to the smell test. If I can help in any way, reach out to me through my blog here and let me know how. I’m not sure, I’ll have the answer, but I’ll always let you know what I can find out.

Good luck on your journey and I’m looking forward to working with any of you, who are interested in joining my Team…

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