Mindful Health & Fitness Affiliate Program

Module 1 Mindful Health Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome To The Mindful Health Affiliate Training
Unit 2 First Things First - Your Training
Unit 3 Value And What It Means
Unit 4 Basics On Your Sales Funnel
Unit 5 Let's Talk More About Shovels
Unit 6 Final Thoughts On Shovels
Unit 7 Some Last Comments Before Moving On
Unit 8 Before Starting Here's The Financial Breakdown
Module 2 Initial HealX Funnel Set-up
Unit 1 Join HealX Affiliate Program
Unit 2 HealX Affiliate Agreement Payment & Signature Instructions
Unit 3 Join Conversion Pros
Unit 4 Join GetResponse (Autoresponder)
Unit 5 Join hitsConnect
Unit 6 Lead Magnets & Landing Pages
Unit 7 Integrate GetResponse with TCP & PMS
Unit 8 Set-up Your eMail Campaigns (1)