Training Courses

As a member of the Own Your Success “Biz In A Box” Plan, you will have access to a variety of training programs. Each of the programs are specific to the sales funnel you may be leveraging in your business.

For each sales funnel, it is essential that you be signed up for a minimum of 1 x Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) account. Each Sales Funnel will useit’s own PMS account, so as you progress, you may find that you will need to have multiple accounts. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.

Please enroll in the training courses for each of the Sales Funnels you will be leveraging.

Own Your Success Nutrition “Biz In A  Box” Plan 
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Below, please find your training plan. Please click on the program to expand out the training modules and click on first training module to begin.

You can always come back here to see how you’re progressing through the training and to move on to the next module…

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